Congratulation for finishing the book.
Göran Levin

Great news! I’m looking forward to reading it.
Rikard Magneville

That sounds great, I am very glad you finished your work, it must be exhausting to complete a book, I would think. I look forward to reading it, mom and I would both be delighted!
Fred Nilsson

Congratulations. You’re very welcome about the help I was able to provide you, and I’m very appreciative of all of your assistance in helping me arrive at the correct information concerning Olga and nylon strings. I’d be delighted to get a copy of your book.
Jack Silver

It has been a pleasure to give som little help with information. Wish you all the best and good luck with your book.
Kicki Zandelin



Since 1972 I’ve been looking for Levin and Goya guitars, and I was triggered to look into their history.



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Wouter Blees plays the guitar and hopes to one day build a classical guitar himself.



Melanie Safka wrote the foreword. She performed at Woodstock and won an Emmy Award!